When Arcadia was first established, the focus was on homes for families.  In fact, Arcadia was know as "a communtiy of homes". Over the past several years, things began to  change rapidly.  Builders and Developers discovered that Arcadia had very loose building codes.  

These weak restrictions made it possible for Developers to build very large homes on small lots that could barely contain them.  This way, they could maximize their profit margins.  Before long, the "Gold Rush" was on, and "McMansions" were popping up everywhere.

Most residents saw what was happening, but didn't know what to do about it.  Some assumed that the City Council would take care of everything, and that this would all go away.

We trusted the Arcadia City Council to do the right thing, but little did we realize that some members of the Council were "closely associated" with some of the Developers, and thus turned a deaf ear the the cries of the residents.

That is when a group of residents from the area known as The Highlands decides to take action.  We formed an action committee devoted to standing up to Developers and we fought to get the the City's building codes changed.

Today, we offer help and advice to anyone who receives a letter in the mail from the City of Arcadia informing them that a new home construction project is being started somewhere near them.

The most important thing to do is ACT NOW!  Don't wait until the green fence goes up around the house that sold 6 months ago or it will be too late.  There is a definite legal window of opportunity to take action, but you have to act quickly.

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